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Tin/Lead Electroplating Module
-Getting Ready/Filling I

Filling With SolderPlate electrolyte
  1. Remover the anode baskets and anode hanger plate and set aside in a clean, safe place.
  2. Inspect the valves to make sure that the (fig. 2, 5 & 6).
    1. tank valve is OPEN
    2. pump valve is set to RECIRCULATE
    3. drain valve is CLOSED
    4. filter valve is OPEN
  3. Mix the electrolyte components in the order listed
Component % Vol. 11 gal. Tank 22 gal. tank
Deionized (or distilled) water 40.0% 4.40 gal 8.80 gal
60/40 SolderPlate acid 14.0% 1.54 gal 3.08 gal
60/40 SolderPlate tin concentrate (120g/l tin metal)* 13.3% 1.46 gal 2.93 gal
60/40 SolderPlate lead concentrate (450 g/l lead metal)* 2.4% 0.26 gal 0.53 gal
60/40 SolderPlate PC additive 10.0% 1.10 gal 2.20 gal
60/40 SolderPlate PC carrier 5.0% 0.55 gal 1.10 gal
Deionized (or distilled) water
(add this component until at step 12 below)
dilute to final volume 1.83 gal 3.66 gal
  1. Remove the safety cap from the drain line and hold the outlet over a 1 liter pitcher.
  2. Rotate the handle on the pump valve to the DRAIN position (fig. 6). Make sure that the filter valve is in the OPEN position (fig. 2).
  3. OPEN the drain valve (fig. 5) and prime the pump by allowing about ½ liter of electrolyte to drain into the pitcher (image).
  4. Rotate the pump valve to the OFF position (fig. 6) and allow all of the liquid in the drain line to empty into thepitcher. After the line is clear, CLOSE the drain valve (fig. 5) and replace the screw cap.
  5. Rotate the pump valve to the RECIRCULATE position (fig. 6).
  6. Turn on the main power switch to start circulating the solution through the filter. If the pump cavitates (no solution being pumped), turn off the power and repeat the priming operation above. The solution level in the tank will drop slightly as the filter bowl fills with electrolyte.

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