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Think & Tinker, Ltd.
P.O. Box 1606
Palmer Lake, CO 80133
Tel: (719) 488-9640
Fax: (866) 453-8473

Who we are:
The principals of Think & Tinker, Ltd. have developed innovative tools and processes for printed circuit fabrication for the past 15 years. With patents in high-speed air-turbine design, carbide micro-tooling design, electrochemistry, optical direct imaging and multilayer printed circuit processing, we have been involved with virtually every aspect of the printed circuit industry.

Our goal:
With the creation of our web site in 1994, we began the process of placing all of our patented technology into the public domain. Our intent was to encourage electronic circuit developers around the world to adopt a set of disciplines that would allow them to fabricate production quality printed circuits using processes with virtually zero environmental impact. As the site has evolved, new processes and techniques have been added. Since 1996, new additions have primarily focused on providing detailed plans and recipes to enable our users to fabricate the majority of the equipment and consumables that they will need when setting up their own PCB shops and laboratories.

Think & Tinker offers a full line of equipment and supplies needed by the printed circuit fabricator. Our manufacturing capabilities include:
We design and distribute:
  • 1997 has seen the addition of a standard line of etchers and through-hole plating systems to our family of products. In keeping with our philosophy that, "the best tools are the ones that you build yourself", these new wet chemistry systems are available both as kits that must be assembled and tested by the end user, as well as pre-assembled units that have been thoroughly tested and are ready to use. To support hobbyists, small shops, company laboratories and production PCB houses alike, we package all of our consumables in a wide spectrum of sizes and volumes.
International focus
  • From the very beginning, Think & Tinker has been in the business of supplying circuit fabricators around the world with the low-cost tools that they need to make production quality PCBs. Initially dealing on a one-to-one basis with all of our end users, we found that trying to offer comprehensive customer support on an international basis was beyond our means. To overcome what we see as a major obstacle to the dissemination of the Green Cirkit© discipline, we are now in the process of establishing relationships with high quality, reliable offshore organizations to provide more personal and timely service to our many friends overseas.
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