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Tool Terms

Tip (Point Styles) Available in drill point, radical fish-point, shallow fish-tail, "V" point, and "Y" point. See related article.
Flutes PreciseBit tools are available in 2,3, and 4 flute styles. In general, the greater flute volume of two flute designs make them preferable in applications that demand aggressive debris removal. Three flutes bits offer greater stiffness and freedom from resonant chatter.
Flute Extension Non-cutting portion of the flute that allows for additional bit plunging.
Shoulder Tapered section between the shank and the flute extension.
Depth Ring Plastic collars pressed onto the shank that are used to precisely set the depth of cut. Often used in systems with automatic tool changers.
Shank The length of the tool that inserts into the chuck or collet. Currently, all Think & Tinker shanks are 1/8 in. in size. Plans are to add 1/4 in. shank sizes during the third quarter of 2002.
Shank Chamfer Makes bit loading easier and reduces collet wear.

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