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Tin/Lead Electroplating Module
-Getting Ready/Draining I

Draining and Purging the system

Totally draining the tank and all of the associated plumbing consists of a number of steps that must be performed in the proper sequence if all of the leaching solution (or electrolyte) is to be removed. Using the air assisted purging facility it is possible to remove virtually all of the leachant from the system. Only about ½ liter will remain, which can be flushed out with deionized water prior to filling the tank with plating solution (electrolyte).

Draining tank into carboy
Fig. 7
  1. Put on your acid proof smock and gloves and a facemask (or a pair of safety glasses with full side shields).
  2. Have enough plastic 5 gal. (20 liter) containers to hold of the leaching solution. The solution can be stored indefinitely for later use (in the event of system contamination) or CAREFULLY neutralized using sodium carbonate and all disposed of.
  3. Remove the drain line cap, and hang the outlet into the first container (fig. 7). OPEN the drain.
  4. Rotate the pump valve to the DRAIN position (fig. 6) to turn the main power on. The pump will drain the tank much faster, but you must monitor the level of liquid in the container that you are filling. As the level nears the top, turn OFF the and drain valve and then quickly rotate the pump valve handle the RECIRCULATE position (fig. 6).
  5. When the solution level drops below the activation point for the float switch, the pump will cut off. You will need to reach under the anode hanger plate and temporarily attach a rubber band to hold the float in the raised (closed ) position to restart the pump.
  6. Continue filling the carboys in this manner until the liquid in the plating tank is about 4" deep. Pause at this point to let all of the anode baskets empty of any leachant. You do not want to drain the liquid so low that you loose the prime on the pump. CLOSE the drain valve
  7. Remove the seal cap from the air purging inlet located at the rear of the tank and securely attach the air hose to the fitting.
  8. CLOSE the tank valve (fig. 1).
  9. Make sure that the pump valve is in the RECIRCULATE position (fig. 6) and the filter valve is OPEN (fig. 2).
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