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On-site Assembly of the GC18 Acid Copper Electroplating Cell
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  1. Inspect each anode basket to insure that the screw that secures the titanium hanger is tight.
  2. Dump out any debris that might have collected during shipping. Do not wash the baskets.
  3. Insert the baskets in the holes in the anode hanger plate with the hangers facing the outside of the tank.
  4. Make sure that all of the top rings are sitting flat on the plate. If they are not, checks to see of the sparger spacer plates are interfering with the baskets. If it is, move the sparger manifold to one side or the other to remove the interference.

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  1. Starting with the baskets closest to the air-supply riser pipe, attach each anode hanger to the 316 stainless steel (SS) anode buss bar. As shown, the included short 1/4"-20 SS bolt should pass through the hanger first. The fastening nut should be on the outside of the buss bar. A 1/4" SS washer must be used between the head of the bolt and the anode hanger to insure that a secure electrical connection is established. Firmly tighten the nut while anchoring the bolt with a 7/16" box-end wrench.
  2. Work your way down the buss bar, attaching each hanger to the buss. Do not connect the two baskets farthest from the riser. These will be taken care of in the next step.

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  1. Decide which direction you want the anode cable (attached to the buss coupling) to pass. Once you have made up your mind, position the hole in one end of the buss coupling next to one of the unconnected anode baskets. This time, pass one of the long 1/4"-20 bolts through the hanger, then the buss, and finally the buss coupling. A stainless steel washer must be used between the head of the bolt and the anode hanger. Tighten the nut firmly while anchoring the bolt with a 7/16" wrench.

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