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Threading the Roller Nose Lamination Adapter
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Threading the RNA proceeds as follows:
  1. Remove the feed table and RNA from the laminator.
  2. Mount the sacrificial auto-feed web film onto the bottom supply mandrel with the film feeding off of the bottom of the roll.
  3. Thread the film around the bottom idler and lay back over top of the roll.
  4. Open the clutch to separate the lamination rollers. The machine should be OFF.

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  1. Return the feed table to the laminator. Spin the RNA to make sure that it rolls freely.
  2. Fold the web film over the table, fold a flap in the end, and insert the feed card
  3. Using the card, push the film between the lamination rollers.
  4. Close the clutch and turn on the drive motor. Run until about 1' of film extends from between the rear lamination rollers.
  5. Turn OFF the motor.
  6. Open the clutch. Reach behind the machine and pull the film left and right to make sure that it is feeding straight. If the film is not running in the middle of the RNA, move the supply roll until the film is exactly centered. Again pull the film to the left and right to make sure that it will feed straight through the rollers.
  7. Close the clutch and run another foot of film though the laminator. Make sure that the film is tracking in the center of the RNA and feeding without wrinkles between the lamination rollers.
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