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Threading the Delicate Substrate
Auto-feed Lamination
(DF series laminators only)

Roller Nose on feed table
The Delicate Substrate or Roller Nose lamination Adapter (RNA) attaches to the feed table of all Think & Tinker, Ltd. roller laminators. Although it was designed primarily to auto-feed delicate and/or flimsy parts into the lamination rollers, it has also found widespread use as a web guide for precisely laminating protective coatings to flexible circuits.

Roller nose closeup
The adapter consists of stainless steel brackets that attach to the table, a chrome plated center shaft, Delrin® washers, polished aluminum web guides and a PVC spacer that determines the with of the roller. The spacer is made from common 1/2" schedule 40 PVC water pipe, so it is quite easy to modify the roller width to accommodate a broad selection of applications.

The brackets are designed to position the top edge of the roller slightly above the top of the feed table. This insures that the feed web, and anything that it is carrying, enters the front rollers exactly tangent to the "nip" region where initial lamination occurs. Tangential injection is absolutely necessary when handling extremely delicate substrates, e.g. 0.007" thick micro-sheet glass and 0.003" thick silicon wafers.

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