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Model 4200 Series Laminator Manual

Tips for achieving perfect lamination
  1. Unless a siliconized carrier is used, do not use sheet film when laminating. It may become be come jammed or stuck to the rollers.
  2. Using poor quality films or pouches can cause damage to the machine
  3. If the pouch or substrate is not fed straight, lines or wrinkles may appear on the film.
  4. Never force a carrier or pouch into the machine. If it will not feed, for any reason, press REVERSE and remove.
  5. Never pull an item being laminated from the back of the machine. Allow the unit to feed at it´s own rate.
  6. Laminating substrates thicker than 300 microns in a sealed pouch may result in poor sealing along the edges.
  7. Always use a carrier when laminating with films less than 80 micron total (both sides) thickness.
  8. If the laminated substrate is hazy or milky in appearance or exhibits poor adhesion, reduce the speed by 1 step and run the item back through the laminator.
  9. If the laminated film looks burnt, curled, or crooked, increase the speed by 1 step.
  10. If the temperature is too high or the speed is too low, film can become wrapped around the rollers and will not be seen exiting from the rear. If this happens, press REVERSE (REV) and gently pull the film from the front of the laminator. Remove the top cover and wipe adhesive off of the rollers AFTER THEY HAVE COOLED TO ROOM TEMPERATURE!!

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