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Model 4200 Series Laminator Manual
Functions and Operation II

B. Preset functions
A number of pre-programmed combinations of temperature and roller speed are accessible from the control panel. These should provide good starting points when laminating new materials and will shorten the learning curve as you familiarize yourself with ModuLam laminators.

Can be used for laminating materials that do not require heat (e.g. pressure sensitive adhesives. A speed = 0 and temperature = 0 (room temperature) are input into the controller when this function is selected.

Automatically selected when laminator is first turned on.
This function is configured for applying 40 micron to 80 micron, low temperature protective laminating film to copier bond or ink-jet media. (temp. = 90°C, speed = 5)
Configured for laminating card stock up to 2 mm thickness with protective films up to 100 microns thick. (temp. = 130°C, speed = 1)
This function is designed for laminating printed circuit substrates with dry-film photopolymers in a siliconized carrier. Can also be used for laminating photographs with matting film. (temp. = 110°C, speed = 2)
This is a stand-by function that can be selected when the machine will be idle for a period of time. The lower temperature extends the life of the rollers and reduces energy consumption. (temp. = 80°C, speed = 2 )

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