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Model 4200 Series Laminator Manual


Uniformity of lamination Each Think & Tinker lamination engine is equipped with 6 Ceracon® internally heated rollers. The front two rollers are act as pre-heaters, raising the temperature of the laminating film to a temperature just below the melting point of the adhesive. They also serve to squeeze out any trapped air. The second pair of rollers is heated to the adhesion fusion temperature, laminating the film to the substrate uniformly, without voids or air pocket. The final pair of rollers are unheated and serve to tension the laminated material as it is cooling to insure a flat, stress free end product.
High performance The custom microprocessor based lamination controller offers precise digital control of both the lamination temperature and the motor speed. Four pre-programmed combinations of speed and temperature reduce the task of setting up the laminator to pressing a button and waiting for the rollers to come up to operating temperature.
Safety The laminator shell is constructed of heat resistant, non-flammable plastic, protecting the user from the hot lamination elements and any danger of electric shock.
Power saving The digital lamination controller insures that only the right amount of heat is delivered to the lamination rollers, saving considerable energy over other pouch style laminators that use switch type thermostats. The use of a dc pulsed drive motor minimizes motor heating, resulting in further energy savings.
Soft-touch® control panel All functions are controlled by depressing the desired Soft-touch® button. Signal lights and an audible alarm provide immediate feedback that the operating parameters have been changed. An over temperature alarm alerts the operator that the lamination temperature for the target film has been exceeded and the user should wait until the unit cools down.

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