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Model 4200 Series Laminator Manual
Mounting II

Fig. 18a
Decaling; PSA or Thermal film
Two Passes This two pass operation requires pressure sensitive laminating film on the top supply shaft and pressure sensitive mounting film on the bottom supply shaft or thermal laminating film on the top and thermal mounting film on the bottom.

Fig. 18b
First Pass
  1. Load the laminator as shown in Figure 18.
  2. Adjust the Roller Pressure handle to the proper laminating setting.
  3. Place the item to be laminated on the feed table, then press the RUN button.
  4. Guide the item into the heat rollers.
  5. Once the item has cleared the back of the machine, press the STOP button. Remove the web and trim out the encapsulated product.

Second Pass
Refer to Figure 19 for the second pass process.

Fig. 19
  1. Adjust the roller pressure handle to the proper Mounting setting and set the motor speed to 3.
  2. Peel back the leading edge of .the release liner of the laminated item approximately 4 inches.
  3. Place the item on the mount board. Tack the exposed edge of the item, from the center out, to the leading edge of the board.
  4. Butt the leading edge of the board up against the heat rollers.
  5. Drape the encapsulated item over the heat shield and top roll of film.
  6. Press the RUN button and immediately grasp the release liner for separation as the board is pulled into the rollers. Do not allow the release liner to be pull into the rollers.
  7. After the board has cleared the rollers press the STOP button and, cut the web.

Fig. 20
Mounting Only
This process requires a PSA pre treated board only. Refer to Over-lamination and Mounting, (Figure 20).

Running Foil
Please consult you local THINK & TINKER, LTD. sales representative or your dealer/distributor before attempting to run foil through the laminator.

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