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Model 4200 Series Laminator Manual

  1. Shipping damage should be brought to the immediate attention of the delivering carrier.
  2. Place the Laminator on a stable flat surface capable of supporting at least 95 lb. (44 kg). The surface should be at least 30 inches high to assure comfortable positioning during operation. All four rubber support feet should be positioned completely on the supporting surface. The supporting surface may also be large enough to hold the material to be laminated.
  3. The laminator should be located so that exiting film drops freely to the floor. Accumulation of laminate immediately behind the laminator as it exits the equipment may cause the film to wrap around the pull rollers, resulting in a "jammed" condition.
  4. Avoid locating the laminator near sources of heat or cold. Avoid locating the laminator in the direct path of forced, heated or cooled air.
  5. Connect the attachment plug provided with the laminator to a suitably grounded outlet only. Avoid connecting other equipment to the same branch circuit to which the laminator is connected, as this may result in nuisance tripping of circuit breakers or blowing fuses.

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