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Model 4200 Series Laminator Manual
Film Loading & Threading II

Method Using Film Threading Card

Fig. 12

Fig. 13
The following procedure uses the film threading card provided with new rolls of THINK & TINKER, LTD. film. The laminator should be cool to the touch before proceeding.
  1. Turn the main power switch on (I). Remove feed table.
  2. Cut remaining top and bottom film webs between supply rolls and heat rollers. Be careful not to cut the heat rollers.
  3. Raise the safety shield to upright position, and pull the top piece of film down.
  4. Do not allow remaining film to pass through the laminator if there is any exposed liquefied or tacky adhesive. Liquefied or tacky adhesive will deposit on the heat rollers if the following procedure is not observed. Grab hold of the web, (top and bottom film), and install feed table under the web. Lower the safety shield and press the SPEED button to indicate 3 or less on the display panel.
Hold down the RUN and REVERSE buttons together and guide the web out the front of the laminator. Make certain no exposed adhesive contacts the heat rollers and the film completely exits the laminator.
  1. Release the buttons and press STOP after the web has cleared the heat rollers.
  2. Lift safety shield to the full upright position.
  3. Remove the feed table.
  4. Lower the bottom idler bar, (Figure 12).
  5. Remove the bottom film shaft by sliding the shaft to the right until the left side of the shaft clears the hex shaped brake hub. Loosen locking screw on left retaining collar of film supply shaft, and slide collar off. Pull shaft partially out of film tube, then push back in to knock out left core adapter. Pull shaft all the way out and rotate tube 180 degrees. Use shaft to knock out remaining core adapter.
  6. Slide one core adapter into right side of new roll of film ensuring that the film will unroll from the bottom on Poly-In film and from the top for Poly-Out film. Slide the film shaft into the core adapter and tube from the right side. Place the other core adapter on the shaft protruding from the left side then replace retaining collar. Tighten locking screw
  7. Unroll 2 ft. (61 cm) of film. Push the leading edge under and around bottom film guide. Slide film guide back into place and drape film over the front support for the feed table, (Figure 13).

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