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Model 4200 Series Laminator Manual
Film Loading & Threading I

Fig. 11
Refer to Figure 11 or the film treading diagram on the feed table of the laminator for illustrations of properly loaded film.

The 4200 uses Poty-In film on 1" cores. Poly-In means the adhesive side of the film is on the inside of the web (Figure 6). The shiny side of clear film must contact the heat rollers. The dull side of the film contains the adhesive. Use extreme caution when loading de-lustered (matte) film as both sides appear dull.

The top and bottom rolls of laminating film must be of the same width and be present simultaneously. A small amount of adhesive will "squeeze out" during lamination. Hardened adhesive deposits can damage the heat rollers. To avoid any damage, rotate the rollers at slowest speed if the READY LCD is not illuminated. Refer to the section entitled CARING FOR THE Model 4200/5200 LAMINATOR for instructions regarding removal of the accumulated adhesive.

Adhesive will deposit on the rollers if:
  -Only one roll is used.
  -Different widths of rolls are loaded together.
  -Either roll is loaded adhesive side against a heat roller.
  -One or both rolls of film are allowed to run completely off its core.

Always change the top and bottom supply rolls at the same time. Near the end of each roll of THINK & TINKER, LTD. laminating film is a label stating "Warning-End of Roll". The appearance of this label on either the top or bottom roll requires that new rolls of film be installed as soon as the item presently being laminated completely exits the rear of the laminator. Do not introduce any additional items into the laminator when the warning label is visible.

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