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Model 4200 Series Laminator Manual
Clearing a Film Jam (Wrap-up)

Film jams (wrap-ups) may occur if the film is loaded backwards or if the area at which film exits the equipment is blocked. The film, when jammed, wraps around heat or pull rollers. To clear a jam it is necessary to rotate the rollers in the reverse direction. When pressed, the REVERSE button on the control panel will cause the rollers to reverse. To clear a jam:
  1. Immediately stop the laminator by pressing the STOP button.
  2. Set the speed indicator to 2.
  3. Raise the safety shield and remove the feed tray.
  4. Cut the top and bottom film webs.
  5. Grasp the loose ends of the web, pull straight and install the feed tray so the web is on top of the tray. Lower the safety shield. Press and hold down the RUN and REVERSE buttons together; guide the film out of the heat rollers.
  6. Once the jam has cleared the heat rollers, press the STOP button.
  7. Thread the film per section FILM LOADING & THREADING.

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