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Model 4200 Series Laminator Manual
-Caring for the Think & Tinker Model 4200/5200 Laminator

THINK & TINKER, LTD. offers Cleaning kits as well as Extended Maintenance Agreements. Contact your local THINK & TINKER, LTD. Service Representative or your dealer/distributor for additional information.

The only maintenance required is to periodically clean the heat rollers. The following procedure will help keep the heat rollers free of adhesive that has been deposited along the edge of the laminating film. Proper alignment of the rolls of film reduces the amount of "squeeze out".

Do not attempt to laminate adhesives marked "Flammable".

Do not laminate glitter and/or metallic items. Damage to the rollers may result.

Cleaning The Heat Rollers

Do not apply any cleaning fluids or solvents to the rollers. Some solvents and fluids could ignite on heated rollers.
  • Never clean rollers with sharp or pointed objects.
  • Hardened adhesive deposits on the rollers can cause damage to the rollers. Rotate the rollers at the lowest speed setting on the control panel.
  1. Remove the film from the laminator following the procedure outlined in steps 1 through 5 of the section FILM LOADING AND THREADING, Method Using Film Treading Card.
  2. Press the STOP button.
  3. Preheat the laminator until the READY LCD illuminates.
  4. Rub the top and bottom heat rollers with a 3MTM Scotch-Brite pad.
  5. Install the feed table and lower the safety shield.
  6. Press the RUN button to rotate the heat rollers to an unclean portion. Press the STOP button. Continue this process until the complete surface of both rollers are clean.
  7. Follow the procedure in section FILM LOADING AND THREADING, Method Using Film Threading Card to reload the laminator.
*NOTE: Do not use metal scouring pads to clean the rollers.
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