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Peroxy-Sulfuric Etching Module
Getting Things Ready/Filling

  1. Put on your acid proof smock and gloves and a facemask (or a pair of safety glasses with full side shields).
  2. Remove the tank cover plate and set aside in a clean, safe place.
  3. Make sure that the drain valve is CLOSED and screw cap is in place.
  4. Add 5 gallons of deionized water to the tank and pre-heat to140°F (60°C).
  5. Slowly add the cupric sulfate crystals to the tank, stirring constantly until the crystals are completely dissolved. (You really do not need to perform steps 4 " 5 since you will be forming plenty of cupric sulfate when you start etching. However, adding a bit at the beginning will make the etching process more linear and predictable.)
    NOTE: Be VERY careful not to hit the heater or the float switch while stirring.
  6. Using the recipes below, CAREFULLY add the sulfuric acid and MF 244 stabilizer to the tank.
  7. Replace the tank cover plate and continue filling the tank with deionized water until the solution just contacts the stainless steel ribs on the bottom of the tank cover plate.
  8. Reduce the temperature setting on the controller to 115°F and allow the system to come up to temperature.
  9. Using the air switch on the control panel, cycle the air agitation a few times stir up the bath and dissolve any reluctant copper sulfate crystals that might remain.

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