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Acid-Copper Electroplating Module Model 1000 Manual
Operation - Tank Geometry

Tank Geometry
There are a few considerations that should be kept in mind when operating and maintaining your electroplater.

Plating Geometry
Figure 12
  1. anode coverage - The workpiece must be 1" to 2" bigger, in all directions than the extent of the anode array to insure field uniformity along the edges of the piece. If the panel is smaller than the anode array, the electrical fringe fields will bunch up along the edges of the panel resulting in thick, irregular copper deposition
  2. When plating small boards, the anode baskets can be partially lifted out of the electrolyte and one or more anode can be disconnected (and rotated) to meet the requirements of note 1.
  3. Always keep the anode baskets sufficiently filled with nuggets so that the topmost nugget is is just below the surface of the electrolyte.
  4. After the nuggets have been broken in (about 4 hours of use), NEVER let them dry out. If the anode baskets must be removed from the bath, set them in distilled water or a 10% solution of sulfuric acid until they can be returned to the electrolyte.
  1. When changing the solution filter, you DO NOT HAVE TO DRAIN THE TANK. The whole purpose of the 3-way valve and the filter valve is to allow you to isolate the filter lines from the solution in the tank. Just blow the lines and filter clear as described above and close the filter valve to keep plating solution from flowing back into the filter canister when the seal around the bowl is broken.
  2. Read the Safety and Operating instructions on the web for more information on using your GC18 Acid-Copper electroplater.
  3. Between plating jobs, lift the cathode clamp out of the bath and cover the tank.
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