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Acid-Copper Electroplating Module Model 1000 Manual
Maintenance - Cleaning

As mentioned above, all of the components of the GC18-1000 are made of corrosion resistant materials. In normal use, they will not corrode, discolor, or otherwise deteriorate. Nonetheless, with regular use, the unit can start to look pretty ratty if you do not take proper care of it. By observing the following simple procedures, you can keep your etcher looking like new through many years of regular use.
  1. Wipe the cart and the stainless steel panels with 409 or similar detergent based household cleaner.
  2. Wiping the gray PVC top surface with Amorall® or any other polymer based preservative will prevent staining by the etchant, but you must be careful not to get any into the bath itself.
When wiping down the top surface, do not spray or drip anything into the etching tank. This might contaminate the etchant, and that, simply put, is no fun to fix.
  1. Periodically check the board clamp for growths of electrolytic copper. They usually show up as small nodules. If you find any, pry them off and re-seal the area with LDT®. You might also have to lightly file the clamping surface to remove excessive copper buildup.
  2. Wipe down the power cord with Amorall® or any other polymer based preservative.
  3. Examine all electrical contacts for signs of corrosion. If any is found, clean the affected contact and coat it with, you guessed it, LDT®.

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