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Acid-Copper Electroplating Module Model 1000 Manual
Chemical Analysis - Safety

Chemical Analysis
Through-hole electroplating is simple to master if you have the analysis tools to properly maintain the electrolyte. In the absence of these, the plating bath will eventually drift out of the acceptable operating region and the quality of plating will deteriorate.

  • DO
    • Wear an approved face shield. Because good vision is essential, take great care to keep your face shield clean and free from scratches.
    • Wear chemically resistant gloves that protect the hands and forearms.
    • Wear a lab coat that protects the arms, torso, upper legs and clothing.
    • Keep all analysis tools and chemicals in a clean, safe place.
    • Keep all tools clean and in good working order.
    • Read the Product Safety Data sheets for all of the chemicals that you use in your shop and the warning labels affixed to the sides of the reagent containers found in the chemical analysis kit.
    • Keep the name and phone number of an emergency physician and your local emergency poison response center in a convenient location next to the shop phone.
  • DON'T
    • Handle food or smoking materials with the protective gloves. Actually, you should NEVER eat or drink when operating PCB fabrication equipment. Dissolved copper is a toxin and should be handled with the same caution and respect as sulfuric acid or any other hazardous material.
    • Handle the plating or analysis materials in a negligent or careless manner.
    • Operate any part of your system until you have thoroughly read and understood all of the instructions that came with it.
    • Handle un-rinsed etched or plated objects without gloves.
    • Allow untrained personnel access to the shop.

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