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Why Am I Breaking Bits?

There a likely hundreds of potential reasons for this problem. Some are not diagnosable, but several are. When working with our customers, here are some of the more popular areas we have uncovered.

Improperly mounted equipment
Effective use of bits require little or no movement in the overall structure of the CNC platform. If the equipment moves, it is hard to maintain straight edge cutting. Please make sure that your equipment is properly mounted in a manner that provides a stable platform for the equipment to complete its work.

Incorrect feeds and speeds
There is a tendency to run routers at too slow of speeds. PreciseBits cutters were designed to run at 20k RPMs or greater. Slower rates do not allow the bits to remove debris, which tend to make the bits run hotter than necessary as the debris are not being cleared from the bit as quickly as designed. Overheated bits tend to break quicker. Please consult our feeds and speeds charts for proper calibration. For PreciseBits, go to PreciseBIT Feeds and Speeds Chart. If your results differ from the charts, please let us know. The more data we collect, the more effective our charts become.

The Wrong Type of Bit for the Material Being Cut
For optimum performance, we have designed and tested bits for specific uses. Bits designed for soft media (hardwoods, softwoods, polymers, ivory, horn and resin impregnated wood) should be used for cutting soft media. Likewise, for bits designed for composites (paper phenolic, fiberglass, carbon fiber, turquoise, malachite and Micarta) and bits for non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, copper, gold, silver, sterling, platinum). Wood bits should not be used for cutting metal and metal bits should not be used for cutting wood.

Plunge Rate
At times, wood is being cut at a plunge rate that is not recommended for the bit. Please check the depth of cut you plan with the depth of cut specifications offered by the bit.

Variance in Wood Thickness
Different bits work better in different material thickness. Please see Plunge Rate description above.

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