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PreciseBIT - UltraBIT Comparison

PreciseBits offers two families of precision cutters, PreciseBits and UltraBits. These tools range in size from 0.005 in. (0.125 mm) to 0.2500 in. (6.35 mm). All PreciseBit cutters are made of premium grade Sandvik and Mitsubishi submicrograin tungsten carbides. A variety of tip styles are available, including: ball-nose, fish tail, "V" tip, and drill point. Certified for use at 20k-100k RPM, these tools run in most CNC environments. All of our bits are made in the USA.

Tools from both families are available for soft media (hardwoods, softwood, polymers, ivory, horn, and resin stabilized wood), composites (paper phenolic, fiberglass, carbon fiber, turquoise, malachite, and Micarta) and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, copper, gold, silver, sterling, and platinum).

PreciseBits - the standard in wood and non-ferrous micro-tools

These two fluted micro-tools have a long track record of superb performance across a variety of applications. PreciseBITs are designed for use in applications that demand moderate to high precision. The optimized flute geometry and high flute volume combined with a radical fish-tail point result in tools that are aggressive in both milling and drilling operations. Suitable materials include hardwoods, softwoods, cast thermoplastics, turquoise, malachite, ivory (2 flute only) and selected composites.

UltraBITS - custom tools at stock prices

Our new family of tools was developed in response to the growing need for greater precision by cuemakers, steel rule die makers, luthiers and clockmakers. Comprising both 2 , 3 and 5 flute designs, UltraBITs are laser and/or optically inspected to insure compliance with the tighter tolerances (+/-0.0005 in.) demanded by these applications. Each new design is tested for performance in particular applications before release, leading to our designation of UltraBITs as the first truly "application specific micro-tools" available to the woodworking industry.

The application specific tool concept was initially developed at the request of cuemakers and luthiers to support the growing use of "zero-glue-line" inlay, a form of marquetry where the pocket and the component are so closely matched that there is virtually no visible glue line after assembly. The 3 flute design offers superior rigidity and chatter-free cutting. Radially relieved, high rake cutting edges combine aggressive cutting action with long tool life. The bits are intended for machining hardwoods, cast thermoplastics, turquoise, malachite and most composites. A special high-volume 2 flute design has been optimized for precision machining of ivory and materials that tend to cake and/or expand during cutting.

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