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Reflector mounting

  1. On one side of the mounting board, mount the bi-pin tube sockets such that the central axis of adjacent tubes will be 4-1/8" (10.5 cm) apart. The inner faces of each pair of sockets should be 17 - 1/4" apart. Drill holes near each socket to pass the connecting wire through. Be sure to deburr the through holes on both sides of the mounting plate.

    Note: The mounting board MUST be made from a fire proof material!!

  2. On the flip side of the mounting plate, along lines midway between the axes of the bulbs, mount the ballasts and starter sockets. Since the reflectors will be mounted aligned with the bulbs, you must make certain not to locate the starter sockets or ballasts where they will interfere with the reflector mounting screws.
  3. Wire the ballasts, starters, tube sockets, fuse holder, power switch, and utility cord according to the schematic provided by your vendor.
  4. Cut the 4" PVC pipe into 17" (43 cm) lengths, and split each section in half, lengthwise, to form a set of semi-cylindrical troughs.

    Building a cutting jig will make this a much safer operation.

  5. Centered along the bottom of each semi-cylinder, 3" (7.6 cm) from each end, drill mounting holes for the #10 machine screws.
  6. Along the centerlines of the bi-pin sockets, drill matching holes in the monting plate. To insure accuracy, use the semi-cylinders as templates to locate each hole.
  7. Using the #10 machine screws and 1/4" flat washers (as spacers between the pipes and the mounting plate),mount the pipe sections such that the inner surface of each semi-cylinder is 1" (2.5 cm) from the central axis of each fluorescent tube. This geometry should provide a strip of fairly uniform illumination 4" wide by 19" long at a distance of about 16" (40.6 cm) from the lamp (the location of our copy board).
  8. Tighten the screws until their heads are pulled flush with the inner surface of the troughs. This will cause the plastic wall of the pipe to slightly extrude into the topmost flat washer, forming a secure, self-centering attachment.

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