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Locating the sparging manifold

Generally speaking, the sparging manifold should be situated below the substrate a distance equal to the separation of the two bubbler pipes. In the case of both bubble assisted etchers and acid copper plating tanks, 3" (76mm) works quite well. The result is very uniform agitation along the entire height and width of the PCB being processed. If you will be plating boards with a vertical extent greater than 12" (305mm), increase the value of "D" to 4" (102mm) to insure adequate uniformity of agitation as the bubbles rise to the surface.

NOTE: Since the entire sparger manifold will be filled with air during operation, it iwill tend to float to the top of the tank. To prevent this, you will need to add ballast the assembly. This can be accomplished by filling a couple of 6" (153mm) sections of ½" schedule 80 PVC pipe with lead shot (or fishing weights) and capping them off with pipe caps. Secure these weights to the center of each side of the manifold with stainless steel pipe clamps, being careful not to block any of the bubbler holes. The ballasts can also to glued in place using PVC solvent cement.

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