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DKS Innovations
Compact UV Exposure Station

The DKS UV1218 Compact Exposure Station is based on Think & Tinker's collimated UV exposure source. Using our innovative collimation grid and low-cost reflection optics, the UV 1218, is capable of reliably imaging features as small as 0.125mm (0.005 in.) over it's entire 305mm (12 in.) X 457mm (18 in.) copy area, a feat not possible with existing uncollimated "briefcase" exposure systems.

The four high efficiency fluorescent "black-light / blue" tubes used in the system have an emission spectrum that closely matches the exposure requirements of dry-film photoresist and soldermask. Unlike arc and filament lamps, very little of the output energy is wasted as heat or visible light. A bank of parabolic reflectors direct the output through the collimation grid to deliver performance comparable to more expensive arc-lamp based systems at a fraction of the price.

The UV1218 is designed to be used with existing darkroom timers and an optional vacuum frame. The large exposure volume is perfect for printed circuit imaging, rubber stamp fabrication, and casting with UV activated potting compounds.

A drawer (not shown), located between the lamps and the grid, can be used for the intense, extended UV exposure (aka UV soaking) necessary for totally cross-linking many photopolymers (e.g. soldermask, some potting compounds).

Specifications / Features
Height 21" (53 cm)
Width 23" (58 cm)
Depth 16" (41 cm)
Net weight (crated) 40 lb. (18 kg)
Rugged, all-metal frame construction yes
Power requirements* 120 VAC @ 60 Hz - 160 Watts
*optional 220 VAC @ 50Hz operation available upon request
Total power 128 Watts
Spectral distribution Black-light / blue
(peak emission between 340nm and 450nm)
Capacity 12" x 18"
Internal vacuum pump (compressed air-operated) optional
Vacuum frame optional
Electronic timer optional
Price (US$) $549.95
Air-operated vacuum pump (internal) $125.00
Vacuum frame $225.00

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