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Copperclad Backing Material Entry Foil
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Copperclad - Copperclad PCB substrates are commonly available with copper on one side (single-sided) and copper on both sides (double-sided). The thickness of the copper foil is specified in ounces per square foot (Imperial units) or microns (SI / metric). "Half ounce" foil is 0.00065" (17 micron) thick. "One ounce" foil is 0.0013" (35 micron) thick. Half ounce, double-sided copperclad designated H/H or .5/.5) is preferred when a board will be plated before etching. One ounce double-sided copperclad (designated 1/1) is often used by shops that use mechanical milling/etching systems to "etch" circuit patterns when through-hole plating is not used. ordrform.gif (2510 bytes)
Entry foil - Soft aluminum sheet used during drilling to reduce drill breakage and burr formation. Entry foil is placed on top of the substrate being drilled so that the drill bit contacts the smooth aluminum surface first. Because the thin (0.008" to 0.012") aluminum sheet may tend to "climb" the bit after penetration, entry foil should only be used on machines equipped with a pressure foot that anchors the foil before the drill contacts. ordrform.gif (2510 bytes)
Backing material - Backing material, also referred to as "exit foil", is placed beneath the substrate being drilled. It provides a thick layer of soft material for the bit to terminate in before contacting, and damaging, the work surface of the drilling machine. ordrform.gif (2510 bytes)

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