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Tin/Lead Electroplating Module
-Getting Ready/Filling II

Securing anode baskets to the anode buss
Fig. 8
  1. Replace the anode hanger plate and drop the anode baskets into their holes. Note that 4 outer baskets in a 22 gallon system have shorter anode hangers. This helps shape the electric field inside the tank during plating. This is not necessary in an 11 gallon system.
  2. Attach the anode baskets to the anode buss (fig. 9). Remember to position the washer between the head of the hex bolt and the anode hanger to insure a tight, flat connection.
  3. Continue filling the tank with deionized water until the solution just contacts the stainless steel ribs on the bottom of the anode hanger plate.
  4. Observe the solution level in the anode baskets. It will lag slightly behind the level in the tank so be patient while filling. It is easier to add more liquid to top off the tank than it is drain it later on
  5. After you have finished filling the tank, let the electrolyte circulate through the filter for at least 2 hours before continuing

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