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Tin/Lead Electroplating Module
-Getting Ready/Draining II
  1. Turn on the compressed air to allow air to flow through the pump head and into the filter bowl, emptying approximately ½ of the liquid in the bowl. Continue purging until air starts to bubble out of the return line inside the tank and the clear hose leading from the filter housing to the back of the tank is visibly empty.
  2. CLOSE the filter valve and rotate the pump valve to the OFF position (fig. 2).
  3. Turn off the main power switch.
  4. Carefully unscrew the filter bowl to release any trapped compressed air. Remove the 20 micron leaching filter. It can be safely disposed of by putting it into a plastic bag and tossing it into the trash. Dump any liquid into the carboy.
  5. Insert a 1, 3, or 5 micron operating filter into the filter bowl and screw the bowl back into place. Again, make sure that it is properly seated and screwed securely to the base.
  6. Rotate the pump valve to the DRAIN position (fig. 6).
  7. Remove the air line and reinstall plug into the air purging inlet.
  8. OPEN the tank valve.
  9. Open the drain valve and allow liquid to siphon into the 1 liter pitcher until all air trapped in the pump is purged and prime restored. Close the drain valve and dump the leachant into the carboy.
  10. Turn on the main power switch and continue pumping leaching solution into the carboy.
  11. While you are pumping, look into the tank and observe the liquid as it enters the drain. As soon as a whirl pool begins to form drain, slowly reduce the flow by partially closing the drain valve. As the liquid gets lower in the tank, it will be necessary tilt the cart with a block under a rear caster so that all remaining solution pools above the drain outlet.
  12. When there is only about ½" (1 cm) of solution above the drain, close the drain valve and turn off the main power switch to shut down the pump.
  13. Hold the drain line over the 1 liter pitcher, open the drain valve and allow all remaining liquid to siphon out. If you are careful not to break the prime, you should be able to drain all but ½ liter from the plumbing.
  14. While the last of the liquid is draining from the tank, pour in 1 gallon (4 liters) of deionized water into the tank to dilute the remaining leachant. To be absolutely certain that the tank is clean, pour the water down through the anode baskets and let them totally drain before continuing to drain the tank.
  15. After you have drained as much as possible, suck out the any remaining solution using a "wet or dry" vacuum cleaner.
  16. The tank is now ready to be charged with plating solution.

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