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On-site Assembly of the GC18 Acid Copper Electroplating Cell
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  1. Once you are sure that all of the components are present, turn the tank on it's top.
  2. Apply a liberal bead of liquid vinyl (Plastidip® or Plastisol®) around the top 2 or 3 threads in the drain fitting located on the bottom of the tank. Note: Teflon tape will not provide a leak-proof seal against plating solution!
  3. Make sure that the stainless steel screw clamp is only finger tight.
  4. Apply a liberal bead of liquid vinyl to the starting threads of the threaded drain coupling included in the drain kit. You can use a 90° elbow or a straight coupling in the bottom of the tank, depending on the design of your drain line. Both are included in the kit.
  5. Thread the coupling into the fitting and tighten hand tight.
  6. Using a spanner (crescent wrench), tighten the coupling 1 full turn.

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  7. With a screwdriver, tighten the screw clamp until it is pressing firmly against the wall of the drain fitting. This will keep the welded drain coupling from spreading or distorting over time, and will help maintain a tight, leak-proof seal.
  8. Let the tank set in this position for at least 1 hour to allow the liquid vinyl to dry.
  9. While the seal is drying, you can sit around and think of all the neat things you are going to plate with your new system. Baby shoes, butterflies, maybe even a printed circuit or two.
  10. After the seal has dried, turn the tank over in preparation for installing all in-tank hardware.

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  11. For most installations, the 90° coupling offers a much more convenient means of plumbing in the drain hardware. Be sure to orient the coupling so that the valve is readily accessible and the tank can be easily drained into a suitable container.

    Valve is shown in the OPEN position.

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An alternate configuration allows the drain to be accurately positioned vertically for interfacing with pumping and/or filtration equipment.

Regardless of the configuration of your drain line, always use liquid vinyl on all of the threaded fittings to insure leak-proof operation. Do not use Teflon® tape! All slip fittings should be welded together with PVC cement and carefully checked for leaks before using the bath.

Valve is shown in the OPEN position.

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