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On-site Assembly of the GC18
Acid Copper Electroplating Cell

The GC18 Electrolytic Cells are assembled and leak tested at our plant in Monument, Colorado. For international shipments, the units are partially disassembled and packaged to minimize freight costs and to reduce the possibility of damage. The following pages will lead you through the re-assembly, leaching and testing of your plating cell prior to use.The very first thing that you need to do is to inspect the shipping container for damage. If any is found, it should be reported to your freight forwarder and to Think & Tinker as soon as possible. Assuming that there is no apparent damage, we can proceed with unpacking and assembly.
  1. Orient the box with the arrows pointing UP and open the top flaps.
  2. Lift the poly bag containing the plating cell from the box. Remove the bag.
  3. Peel off the tape holding the tank cover in place. Lift off the cover and the gray anode hanger plate immediately underneath. Make sure that the cover and plate are set in a clean, dry location.
  4. Carefully remove the packing material from around the float switch. Remove all of the packing material from the tank. The cell components will be mixed in with the packing material so be careful not to throw anything away.
  5. Set all of the tank components onto a table in easy reach. Inspect the contents.

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Your system should contain:
  1. plating tank w/cover (front plug and bottom clamp already installed)
  2. gray PVC anode hanger plate w/plating shadow vanes
  3. assembled sparger,PVC air-supply riser, 90° PVC elbow, PVC supply pipe
  4. drain kit w/valve, 90° MPT/slip PVC elbow, PVC drain pipe, MPT to slip coupling (2 ea.)
  5. anode baskets w/titanium anode hangers and 1/4"-20 stainless steel bolts, washers, and nuts (8 ea.). Note: two of the baskets have longer bolts to facilitate attachment to the anode buss coupling.
  6. stainless steel anode buss bar and buss bar coupling w/#4 multi-strand plating cable
  7. cathode clamp w/#4 multi-strand plating cable

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