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Threading the Roller Nose Lamination Adapter
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  1. If you are satisfied with the film tracking, open the clutch and turn on both the motor drive and heater switch.
  2. Let the laminator run for at least 30 minutes to come up to operating temperature.
  3. Turn the motor speed control to the 8 o'clock position, and close the clutch.
  4. Let about 6" of film feed through the rollers to expose new adhesive.
  5. Run a sample part through the machine.
  6. Tear off the sample and open the clutch.
  7. Carefully examine the lamination quality of the sample.
  8. If the lamination is acceptable, you are ready to cruise. If there are unacceptable flaws, please refer to the troubleshooting section of the manual.
  1. Never over-tighten the tensioning clutches. You only need the supply tension high enough to remove wrinkles from the auto-feed web, and laminating film.
  2. Periodically clean the RNA with a commercial cleaner that does not leave a coating.
  3. If you are using an auto-feed web that is narrower than the film guides on the RNA, you might want to cut another spacer to accommodate you film width.
  4. Always make sure that the auto-feed web and the laminating film are feeding through both sets of lamination rollers before trying to laminate production pieces.
  5. ALWAYS RUN A TEST PART FIRST!!! Film is a lot cheaper than your inventory. Sacrifice film and perfect your technique before proceeding.

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