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Threading the Roller Nose Lamination Adapter
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  1. Mount the laminating film on the top supply mandrel. Make sure that the roll is loaded so that the adhesive side will be down when the film goes through the lamination rollers.
  2. Pull out a short length of film and pull it tight. If the roll is properly loaded, this leader will be exactly centered on the RNA. If it is not, move the supply roll until the leader falls in the middle of the RNA, centered with respect to the auto-feed web.
  3. Open the clutch to separate the lamination rollers. The machine should be OFF.
  4. Push the feed card into the film, forcing it between the rollers.

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  1. Close the clutch and turn on the drive motor. Run until about 1' of film extends from between the rear lamination rollers.
  2. Turn OFF the motor.
  3. Open the clutch. Reach behind the machine and pull the film left and right to make sure that it is feeding straight, with no wrinkles anywhere in the path.
  4. Close the clutch and run another foot of film though the laminator. Make sure that the film is tracking in the center of the auto-feed web and feeding without wrinkles between the lamination rollers.

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