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Model 4200 Series Laminator Manual
-Appendix IV


If there is any misalignment between the backing film and the dry-film, you will need to move the backing film roll to achieve proper alignment. Otherwise, during operation, hot photopolymer may transfer onto the lower (unprotected) lamination roller and gum up the whole works.

Rotate the heat shield into the open position and remove the feed tray, Loosen the thumb-screws securing the backing film and slide the roll to the side that the dry-film is hanging off of the backing film. Rotate the lamination pressure handle UP to the full vertical position. This will lift the top rollers off of the bottom rollers and allow the film to slide freely. Reach around the back of the laminator and pull about 12" of film through. You should see the two films line up with each other. You may have to tweak the position of the backing film roll a couple of times to achieve perfect side-to-side alignment, but, once it is set, it will not shift. Once alignment is achieved, tighten the thumb screws, replace the feed tray and lower the heat shield.

Dry--film photoresist and soldermask should be laminated at 100°C with a speed ranging from 2 ft./min. to 5 ft./min.. The 5 button on the control panel has been preprogrammed for 110°C @ 2 ft./min. This is a good starting point but you may find that the speed can be increased as you gain more experience with the process.

Set the pressure handle to the thickness of the substrate that you are laminating. If you are making a printed circuit using conventional 0.0625 material, you will set the handle to the 4th notch (marked 1/16" / 2mm). This setting will allow the board to feed easily and will exert the optimum pressure to insure reliable lamination.

Your laminator is now ready to use.
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