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Model 4200 Series Laminator Manual
-Appendix III

Peel the release liner all the way back to the stripping idler and lay it onto the top of the roll of dry-film.

Mount the take-up shaft into the frame extenders and set onto the top of the stripped release liner.

Fold the liner forward around the take-up shaft and tuck it into the "pinch" region between the shaft and the roll of film. As the film feed off of the roll, the rotation of the film roll will cause the take-up shaft to rotate in the opposite direction, winding up the release liner as it is automatically stripped off of the dry-film. By coupling the stripping action to the feed rate of the dry-film, wrinkling and excessive film advance is eliminated.

Using a stiff card (or piece of scrap copperclad), push the dry-film into the pinch region between the two orange rollers. Turn on the laminator and press the COLD and RUN buttons. This will engage the drive motor and cause the card, dry-film, and backing film to be pulled through the two sets of rollers. Run film through until the card falls out the back of the laminator. While this is going on, observe the take-up shaft. If all is well, the release liner will be stripping away from the dry-film and dutifully winding up on the shaft. Also watch to make sure that the backing film is feeding properly and is lined up edge to edge with the dry-film. Turn off the drive motor by pressing

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