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Heavy-duty Drive Mechanism
ModuLam 130

Experience gained from manufacturing our DF and HRL series of roll laminators has shown that the best drive mechanism for reliable, long lasting operation is based on precision components. This is especially true of the drive motor and transmission. Built around a heavy gauge steel transmission, the roller drive is capable of effortlessly conveying substrates ranging in thickness from 0.001" (25 microns) to 0.118" (3 mm).

Slippage between the substrate and the laminating film used to be a common occurrence when laminating smooth or slick substrates. This problem was most often encountered in laminators where only the top or bottom rollers were driven. To eliminate any possibility of slippage, and to insure uniform transport of any substrate between each pair of rollers, each top roller is coupled through a gear to its mate on the bottom.

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