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  1. Kindly advise me regarding the lighting conditions required when laminating dry-film photopolymers. Specifically, what type of ambient lighting is allowed? For example, can I expose the film to normal indoor lighting, red safe light, yellow or green light? Does the film require a room that is completely dark?

    Prior to opening the film roll, you should cover all of your fluorescent tube lights with amber UV (ultra-violet) filter sleeves (P/N UV48-0000). A cheaper alternative is to illuminate your workspace with low wattage incandescent bulbs. Incandescent lamps (not halogen or halide) run at such a low temperature that they do not produce much UV. Just be careful not to shine a light directly on the film and you should be okay. If you are laminating cut sheets, make sure to keep the roll wrapped in the black plastic that it came in after you cut off the length that you need. In any case, you should always keep the film covered when not in use.

    You do not need to work in a dark room. With adequate precautions to filter out any ambient UV, your work shop can be quite bright and easy to work in.
  2. Is there a quick test to see if there is too much UV light in my work shop?

    Yes. Cut off a short length of dry-film and set it on top of a white piece of paper (shiny side up) on the table where you will normally be working with the dry-film. Set a coin on the top of the film and let it sit for about 30 minutes. After the time has elapsed, lift off the coin and check to see if the dry-film is a lighter color where the coin was sitting. If there is a clear difference in color between the exposed and unexposed areas, you have too much ambient UV in your shop and should take measures to reduce or eliminate as much as you can.

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