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Mechanical Etching Bits
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Think & Tinker spiral flute mechanical etching bits (ME08 series) are designed specifically for use on mechanical etching systems manufactured by AccurateCNC, LPKF and T-Tech. The four facet, helix ground tip insures long life and consistently clean copper removal.  All Think & Tinker etching tools are made from the highest quality submicrograin carbide. We are the first company to offer bits fabricated from an ultra-hard grade that significantly increases cutter life. To prove this point, we compared one of our test cutters to a bit from one of the "other guys'". The goal was to establish the effective life that could be expected from each tool. We ran each cutter through over 600 inches of 1 ounce (35 micron) copperclad cutting a trough 0.008" (2 mm) wide. The results? Let's just say that the other guy lost his edge. Even after hundreds of inches, ME08 bits cut clean, well defined, burr-free isolation troughs.

Available with 60° and 90° tip angles (see microphotograph), mechanical etching bits do double duty as scoring tools to facilitate snap-apart panel separation. They are also commonly used to bevel card edges and the rims of interior mounting holes. 60° tools are favored when defining high density circuits where 0.005" separations are common. The 90° tools are used primarily by RF designers who need the 45° trace wall to reduce inter-trace coupling.

Standard packaging consists of either 10 bit fold packs, or 50 bit production containers. Loose bits are available for a 10% surcharge.
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